Solar System

Stellar Class: Yellow dwarf
Population: 16.7 billion
Languages: Numerous
Demonym: Solar, Solan

  1. Mercury. 0.39 AU, Hermian
  2. Venus. 0.72 AU, Cytherean
  3. Earth. 1 AU, Gaian
  4. Mars. 1.52 AU, Arean
  5. Jupiter. 5.2 AU, Jovian
  6. Saturn. 9.55 AU, Mesojovian
  7. Uranus. 19.21 AU, Cryojovian
  8. Neptune. 30.11 AU, Cryojovian

The solar system or Sol is still very much the center of the world and boasts the largest population of all the stars around which the human species has made their mark. The system hosts the capital of the United Nations: New York and is the location of the most powerful pananarchies including the Neptunian and Plutonian Pananarchies. A solid 60 percent of all human beings (and others) still live in the solar system, mostly on Earth, Mars and Luna. The universe’s most powerful corporations and wealthy people are also based here with commerce being scare in the near stars.

In terms of power the United Nations controls the populous inner worlds of the solar system and the first two gas giants Jupiter and Saturn (although their control begins to waver a bit here with Saturn being home to several free city-states) but once you reach the ice giants of Uranus and Neptune UN control is all but non-existent with the powerful pananarchies and independents ruling the roost.

Solar System

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