Epsilon Eridani

Stellar Class: Orange dwarf
Constellation: Eridanus
Distance from Sol: 10.5 light years
Population: 9.76 million
Languages: English, Swedish, Irish, French, Norwegian
Demonym: Eridanene




Epsilon Eridani is a young system a mere 400 to 800 million years old in comparison to the Sun which has been burning hydrogen for a comparatively ancient 4.6 billion years. Due to the star’s relative youth it has not been able to form any large terrestrial planets but three large gas giants have (named Rán, Ægir and Loki after Norse gods) along with several asteroid belts and Trojan fields. The system has only limited permanent colonization mostly limited to moons of the systems gas giants often called the Three Gods by local inhabitants and civilization is manifested several roving self-sustaining fleets of nomads that wander from station to station.


The Epsilon Eridani system has seen three great waves of colonists in its time the first and second both being arkships funded by the European Union and named the ESS Seine and ESS Leif Erikson respectively and the descendants of those first colonists still make up most of the system’s inhabitants today. The third and often forgotten wave was of Jains from Saturn and Earth who settled in the system’s furthermost gas giant: Loki. The Jain population was eventually overtaken by European colonists but they still remain an important power in the system to this day. Over time, however, the ideology of the Eridanene Jains began to differ from those who remained in the solar system, the once serene pacifists turned to the worship of dark things dwelling in Loki’s core, the cult turned to human sacrifice and evangelism while still retaining their previous philosophies of vegetarianism and otherwise pacifism. Then in 2329 the River of Stars charter was signed incorporating the system into the United Nations but the Jains refused to sign creating a situation where numerous habitats and small moons and bodies in the outer system remain independent of the UN.

Culture and Society



2307 March 3rd. The ESS Magellan is launched into the system and then surveys it naming the systems planet and bodies.
2309 June 5th. The ESS Seine enters the system and touches down on Ægir’s largest moon Eldir.
2312 December 1st. The colony on Eldir begins to expand onto Ægir’s other moons
2319 May 22nd. A second arkship arrives in the system and settles on Ran’s moon Kólga: the ESS Leif Erikson.
2319 February 15th. The independent Jain arkship Mahavira and they settle in orbit around the ice giant Loki.
2320 January 1st. The local Jains begin being influenced by the dark nature of Loki.
2329 January 1st. The River of Stars Charter is signed between the nations of the star system and the Charter becomes an associate of the United Nations with close ties to the European Union.

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Epsilon Eridani

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