Inter Sidera

The Sleep

The characters after collecting Atannae and Jason from orbit around the wreckage of Daedalus station elect to escape the Barnard’s Star system for Proxima Aquarii to complete the mission they had been assigned to by Yuri Musk. After having warped to the triple red dwarf the largest star which has been covered in a metal shell, Heanaru began to notice something strange in the behavior of Dubh. They decided to head toward’s the system’s largest star and Dubh lured Newton into his chamber only to have Dubh attempt to murder him. While this was going on the ship was struck by a sudden stellar flare causing the ship to slowly tear apart. Heanaru hearing screaming runs to Dubh’s aid and begins wailing on Newton. One unconscious Dubh and nearly destroyed starship later the characters call a ceasefire and shelter in the ship’s faraday cage for the duration of the storm. When the event ceases the ship is no longer flyable and the characters decide to go into cryosleep to save resources until someone finds them.


Democritus nickbrown101

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