Newton Jones

Anarchist hacker from New York with Cladist tendencies.


Newton is a baseliner with brown combed back hair, light blue eyes and pale white skin who wears a dark blue button up coat, a hideous white striped shirt, brown formal pants and black converse shoes. He is witty and arrogant but secretly lonely.


Newton was born in 2391, Common Era, to Randy Jones and Mara Roberts, in New York. He grew up to be majorly fascinated in computing, and aspired to end up among the great pioneers of computer sciences. But he soon realized that corrupt governmental systems were holding everyone back, so he decided to use his skills for what he thinks is right. Newton spends his years infiltrating various governments and causing havoc, just for the sake of it, though his motivations have sometimes moved to very vague places. During his travels Newton created Friday, an Irish-accented AI companion, so he could have at least one friend in the universe. He met Atannae Meletus, a xenobiologist, at the 2415 Mars Comic-Con, and she had been his closest friend since, though he usually pretends otherwise. Due to rough childhood experiences Newton refuses to disclose, he has developed a hatred for Post-Humans, or as he like to call them, filthy Tweaks.

Newton Jones

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