Rogue artificial intelligence who neglected his potential and decided to play pranks on people for a life.


ISAAC is sleeved in a mechanical armored skeleton with hidden lights behind faceplate that appear only when activated. He frequently makes of cladist jokes that mostly on go up to the fine caliber of calling humans meat-bags. ISAAC likes to consider himself a prankster.


Backstory: I.S.A.A.C(Intelligent Self Aware Ambulatory Construct) was known to have strange, recurring defects in it’s personality module from early development. The source of these unique personality ‘changes’, was never discovered by I.S.A.A.C’s creators. Eventually, these defects stopped, resulting in the completion of the I.S.A.A.C project and its distribution. The original I.S.A.A.C unit, after it’s issues had finally seemed to end, was then gifted to an important ambassador as a translator. Two years later, A.I were banned. When I.S.A.A.C heard that it’s master had played a significant part in this action, it assassinated him, and converted to a more undesirable personality setting. It became a murderer and a hacker, playing pranks on simple humans and killing them as it wished. Eventually, it’s ship was destroyed by law enforcers and was presumed to be destroyed itself. Countless years went by, and in time it was reactivated by salvagers. Since then it has committed countless crimes…


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