Heanaru Siril

Radical and traumatized posthuman assassin from the earthlike world of Eden.


Heanaru has pasty white skin, short greasy black hair and has been described as things ranging from cautious, to cowardly, from arrogant to narcissistic and most often just plain weird. People often avoid his company as he is usually creepy and unsettling. He can often be found wearing a hooded cloak, black leather boots, black plasteel mask, black shirt, black gloves, and sometimes a balaclava.


Heanaru Siril was born on the planet of Eden, in De Las Estrellas, to a Superior and a Baseliner. He grew up on the streets, wearing a hood to conceal his clade(Superior), and stealing food and money to help his father provide for their family. His Baseliner mother died when Heanaru was 14, and his father, heartbroken, stopped providing for Heanaru. Realizing that he had inherited the genetic disease from his mother, and was only alive because of his Superior blood that he was still alive, Heanaru took to wearing a mask to conceal his unhealthy skin. Deciding that he was the only one who could save his family, Heanaru began taking shady assassination jobs, stealing into the houses of wealthy businessmen during the night and slitting their throats. Heanaru proved to be adept at killing, and quickly became one of the most feared assassins in De Las Estrellas, known as “The Shadow”. It was when Heanaru was 23 that his father was beaten and killed by the racist populace of De Las Estrellas, and Heanaru decided to leave Eden and seek his fortune elsewhere. He used his vast wealth to pay for a shuttle to Earth, where he stayed, honing his skills as an assassin, still being paid for jobs, and killing Baseliners as retribution for his father. When he was 25, he met the hilarious android I.S.A.A.C, and after both failing to kill each other, they became friends, with I.S.A.A.C’s easygoing personality reminding Heanaru of his father. They then met up with four Humans: Newton Jones, Jason Drake, Dubh Griogal andAttanae Meletus. Heanaru took an instant dislike to the racist Newton, but stayed around because I.S.A.A.C said that he was a good man, really. It was then that they were hired by Yuri Musk to investigate the dimming red dwarf: “Ez Aquarii”.

Heanaru Siril

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