Dubh Griogal

Eridene nomad who hears whisperings from an alien consciousness.


Dubh is a typical appearing Outer who wears a hood and cloak with red chinos underneath.


For Dubh it all started in his childhood when his mother died forcing him to get more money for his drunk father day after day is Father’s drank and he suffered for it stealing and scrounging for junk and pawning it off for cash. The one day his father’s past caught up with him and Dubh men were there outside his house on Fenrir a moon of Loki in Epsilon Eridani. He can remember the dark cloak that the one of the men was wearing. The next couple years were hard on him and he eventually decided that death was the only option and decided to kill himself but before he could act someone saved him. Before he knew it he was locked up somewhere he didn’t know where with a person he didn’t know he spent the next three weeks contemplating, having three meals a day and going mad. After this experience Dubh began to here voices that would stay with him forever. Then one day a group of people came for him after they had come for all the other guys in the cells next to him the last that they came for. They wanted him to become enlightened as part of their cult formed by people who needed to rectify their mistakes. Dubh became a priest and people began treating him as part of the group, mostly because he was with with this guy who had tattoos from his ankles to his neck he did not know this person was or why he followed him. But one night he came to Dubh and asked him to escape from the cult. He still remembers a white dressed woman was killing all the people around her next thing he knew he was knocked out. Dubh awoke in a laboratory strapped to a table with a man in a trench coat saying it wouldn’t hurt a bit. He was put to work taking crates from place to place not knowing what was in them until the Lokian mob attacked his ship and all his friends were killed but he was put to work for them as the man with the tattoos remembers him.

Dubh Griogal

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