The year is 2316 and the stars have been reached.
After three hundred years of being confined in its home solar system the human race finally discovered the warp drive that allowed them to escape and found a galaxy littered with the remains of dead civilizations.
Even if there are no living aliens though that doesn’t mean Homo Sapiens is alone in the galaxy because the human race has diversified into numerous daughter species or clades of posthumans. Some coexist with mankind, while others convinced they are the future of mankind ruthlessly exterminate baseliner humans or flats.
Genetics are not the only place deep space has had its effects on the human species as strange psionic phenomena have began to manifest in the children of spacers while ancient manuscripts written by inhuman beings are being unearthed by scholars.
And one must not forget how mankind achieved the feat of interstellar travel when the bones of alien cultures that never did litter space, the machine children of humanity: superturing intelligences that are as humans as humans are to simple herd animals. Persecuted by the ruling powers in the solar system the ai gods called the superturings decided to pack up their bags and leave for the stars however they did not anticipate humanity to steal their secret and they were shortly followed by human colonists a fact many ai either regard with serene ambivalence or systematic genocide.