• Albert Kaiser

    Albert Kaiser

    Magically-gifted genius on a quest for infinite knowledge
  • Atannae Meletus

    Atannae Meletus

    Socially awkward field scientist from Eden with a seriously unround face.
  • Dubh Griogal

    Dubh Griogal

    Eridene nomad who hears whisperings from an alien consciousness.
  • Elijah Sharp

    Elijah Sharp

    Amnesiac soldier trying to regain lost memories
  • Heanaru Siril

    Heanaru Siril

    Radical and traumatized posthuman assassin from the earthlike world of Eden.


    Rogue artificial intelligence who neglected his potential and decided to play pranks on people for a life.
  • Jason Drake

    Jason Drake

    Rich Earther dilettante who learned "magic" for the heck of it.
  • Newton Jones

    Newton Jones

    Anarchist hacker from New York with Cladist tendencies.
  • Yuri Musk

    Yuri Musk

    Philanthropist billionaire with ties to the solar systems old money