Inter Sidera

The Sleep

The characters after collecting Atannae and Jason from orbit around the wreckage of Daedalus station elect to escape the Barnard’s Star system for Proxima Aquarii to complete the mission they had been assigned to by Yuri Musk. After having warped to the triple red dwarf the largest star which has been covered in a metal shell, Heanaru began to notice something strange in the behavior of Dubh. They decided to head toward’s the system’s largest star and Dubh lured Newton into his chamber only to have Dubh attempt to murder him. While this was going on the ship was struck by a sudden stellar flare causing the ship to slowly tear apart. Heanaru hearing screaming runs to Dubh’s aid and begins wailing on Newton. One unconscious Dubh and nearly destroyed starship later the characters call a ceasefire and shelter in the ship’s faraday cage for the duration of the storm. When the event ceases the ship is no longer flyable and the characters decide to go into cryosleep to save resources until someone finds them.

The Attack

The characters investigate the derelict star ship they had come across last session, or at least Atannae, Heanaru, ISAAC and Dubh, Jason and Newton stay behind on the ship. They enter the wreckage and discover that the fusion reactor that would have powered the craft has been overrun with a with an alien mold that is living off the radiation form the reactor. Heanaru recognizes it as the same organism from the asteroid where he was wounded he leaves back for the ship and ISAAC starts panicking trying to get Atannae and Dubh to return to the craft they do but a spore from the lifeforms attaches itself to Dubh’s vacuum suit. The characters remove the infection by wholesale throwing the afflicted vacuum suit out of the airlock. The players then continue out the solar system and warp to the solitary red dwarf Barnard’s Star en route to Proxima Aquarii. While in the system the characters stop off at the populous Daedalus station to restock their provisions, while their an anarchist terrorist attack occurs while the characters are split up and the station begins depressurizing. Heanaru and Newton begin looting and find Vacuum suits while Dubh and Attanae use Dubh’s anarchist rep to gain one from the rebels. The station then begins to crack at its equator and ISAAC, Heanaru and Attanae are sucked up into space. Heanaru manages to return to the surface of the station by firing his gun but ISAAC and Atannae enter into orbit around the now wrecked Daedalus, the Dubh, Heanaru and Newton fight their way to the spaceport where the ship is docked through three looters who have taken advantage of the turmoil and meet up with Jason who had remained in the ship the whole time.

The Mausoleum
Don't mess with space kooks

The heroes fight of the attacking pirate craft and the uplifted crow that appears to be their ring leader and fall back to a theistic satanist station in geostationary orbit around Uranus called the Chateau of Night, where they fix the damage that was done to their ship by the pirate weapons. They pay their wage by doing chores on the station. Having been repaired they continue on their voyage out of the solar system and happen apon a curious inhabited rock. They rock had been hollowed and settled by a single mad man, or it had been until Heanaru shot when he shocked him by jumping out of the shadows. Having killed the sole inhabitant of the asteroid Heanaru decides to investigate the inner sanctum of the asteroid while the others stay back at the ship. While looking around he finds the skeletal remains of three human beings, the flesh having been picked clean off their bones. Continuing through the catacombs he encounters an amorphous black coloured life form that tries to attack him. Heanaru escapes the creature and tries to flee that catacombs and becomes lost cornered by the life form which incapacitated him and melted the flesh from his arm. ISAAC eventually decides that Heanaru has been away for too long and goes to look for him rescuing him from the creature. The characters flee the asteroid and continue out in the Oort cloud where they happen apon a derelict freighter that has had its outer shell stripped off it.

The Deal

The players were hired by the billionaire philanthropist Yuri Musk in Chat Noir on Uranus’s moon Titania to investigate the mysterious dimming of the red dwarf Proxima Aquarii. He lends them a Peregrine class scout ship and they quit the Uranus system. They are then attacked by particularly bold pirate craft.


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